Caring for your contact lens

Applying the lens

  1. Never forget to wash your hands and dry it thoroughly afterwards to make sure that it would be clean and dry (soft contact lenses tend to stick more on wet fingers so it is best to have dry hands). Do NOT forget to dry your hands in between the insertion of lenses if it gets wet.
  2. Gently shake before opening the pack.
  3. To avoid mix-ups, always pour the right lens first into the palm of your hand (or slide the lens out of the container using your forefinger if necessary).
  4. Place the lens on the tip of your dominant hand’s forefinger. 
  5. Check if the lens has a perfectly rounded edge which indicates that it is the right side out and ready for insertion. Otherwise, if the edges of the lens are flared, it is inside out and needs to be corrected by applying a few drops of contact lens solution and then flipping it over. 

  1. Using the middle finger of your free hand, pull and hold your upper lid firmly open so you don’t blink while inserting.
  2. Hold down your lower eyelid using the middle finger of your inserting hand.
  3. Place the lens gently on the eye.
  4. Look down and release the eyelids to position the lens correctly.
  5. Blink gently several times to adjust the lens on the center of the eye.
  6. Insert the other lens by repeating the same procedure. 

Removing the lens

  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
  2. Looking up, pull down your lower lid with the middle finger of your inserting hand.
  3. Using the forefinger of your free hand, gently slide the lens down to the lower white part of your eye. 
  4. Gently squeeze the lens out with your thumb and forefinger to remove it from your eye.
  5. Repeat procedure with the other lens.
  6. Discard the lens if it is disposable. If not, follow the lens care procedure recommended by the eye care suitable to your lens type.

Keeping your lenses clean and comfortable

  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly with a lint-free towel before handling contact lenses.
  2. After gently removing your contact lens, place it carefully in your lens holder filled with clean contact lens solution. Close the cover of the holder so that you would not pinch the lens accidentally.
  3. Pour out the used contact lens solution and rinse the lens case with a fresh batch of the contact lens solution. NEVER REUSE THE CONTACT LENS SOLUTION.
  4. Clean your contact lens cases daily.
  5. Do not use tap water in cleaning your cases.
  6. When the case is not being used, store it facedown on a clean tissue or towel.
  7. Replace your case at least every three months, or as directed by your eye care professional. 

Solutions to cater your lenses’ needs

OPTI-FREE Puremoist | OPTI-FREE Replenish

  • Forms a cushion worth 16 hours of moisture
  • Enhances comfortability
  • Removes protein deposits and reduces lipid deposition in disinfection and storage

AO Sept with Hydraglyde

  • Triple-action cleaning and disinfection
  • Irritant-free comfort
  • Long-lasting moisture

Aqua Soft by Avizor

  • Bacteria removal
  • Removes all types of deposits
  • Allergen-free

All Comfort Formula

  • Removes stain 
  • Removes proteins and lipids
  • Wets and lubricates which retain moisture

The do’s & don’ts 

Do wash and dry hands before touching the lenses

Don't rinse lenses by putting them in your mouth

Do replace your lens case with every new bottle of solution

Don't sleep in your lenses unless your lenses are fine for overnight wear

Do remove your lenses if you experience redness or pain

Don't rinse lenses with tap water

Do check with an eye care professional before changing solutions

Don't share lenses with others

Do use only fresh solution every time you store your lenses

Don't use damaged or ripped contact lenses

Do see your eye care professional yearly